Chinese Face Reading

In her practice she finds, many clients appreciate having greater insight into why they do what they do. Learning about yourself, not only helps you understand your past actions, but can help you shape your future endeavors. 


60 Minutes:$125

30 Minutes:80

An Ancient Diagnostic Method That Has Evolved

Chinese Face Reading (CFR) is a branch of Chinese Medicine that started as a diagnostic tool and has evolved into a method to determine someone’s personality traits. By looking at certain patterns in a person’s face, the size and shape of their features, the location or spacing of their features as well as any wrinkles or markings provides insight into personality traits and tendencies.

Gaining Insight & Understanding

By studying someone’s face in person, via skype or from a clear photo, Marla can gain a great deal of information. Her readings reveal:

  • Their personality traits and innate temperament

  • Their potential and whether they’re fulfilling it

  • Their strengths and challenges as well as patterns of perception and much much more.

A Face Reading Session

CFR is not a psychic reading as the information is literally written on someone’s face. Marla spends time observing a person’s facial features and combine that with information from their birth date to provide a verbal reading. Sessions can be 30 to 60 minutes in length, depending on the desired depth of a reading.

Gaining insight into your personality traits, what drives you, and tendencies you may want to expand upon can be helpful in understanding how you are perceived, how you work to achieve your goals and how satisfied you are with how you interact with others.

Her clients have expressed that this increased understanding from a Chinese Face Reading session has been helpful to them both personally and professionally.